Some time after the start of work on the garden that we called Bellosguardo 1, it was decided to continue with a second garden. In some respects it is a reflection of the first garden, although we did not want to replicate it exactly, also because the terrace on which the new garden was to be created has a slightly different morphology. It is very broad, similar to the first terrace, but is split into two levels by a low wall of “macigno”, the ochre-coloured stone which is also found in many walls in Florence.
The idea behind this garden began from this same stone wall. The wall was there, and I did not want to get rid of it. Instead, I adopted a method which I learnt especially in my work on restoring monuments: turning obstacles into opportunities. I kept the wall, turning it into a long stone bench, and the garden grew around the wall, comprising two pergolas joined in the middle by a metal gazebo with roses trained over it. Around the pergolas, flower meadows were created and miniature fruit orchards, with dwarf fruit plants and climbing plants forming a living boundary. At the entrance to the garden, on the side where the house stands, square flower beds were created with box tree hedges trimmed into spheres, and a carpet of ceratostigma.